Our Experiences

In 25 years of experience in the painting industry, RJ Leonard has come across many situations
  • Many times on a job, making a color match to an existing color is necessary. Obviously, the best way of matching the color is to have the color on file or a can of it in the garage or shed.  Many times, though, the paint is unavailable.  We will always achieve the right color by searching the color book or removing a sample to be scanned at the shop.  When touching up, however, one must always be aware of making a “clean spot” on an aged wall and making it just as visible as the original mark itself.  We are diligent to either perfectly blend the touch up or paint the wall from corner to corner to make it disappear.
  • I have always said that in painting, “there is not a problem that can’t be fixed or a problem that can’t be solved.”   By talking to the customer and/or conferring with my sales reps at the paint stores I use, I find it is only a matter of time before the perfect solution can be found.  As a recent example, I had a customer who wanted to match some new flat paneled wood interior doors to his new Ikea furniture.  Regular stains were not working at all.  We found that using a flat black solid exterior stain as a base coat and then topping it with a flat brown solid exterior stain gave the doors a perfect match.
  • Many times over the years, I have been called in to fix a previous painters mistakes.  Most of the time, it is due to bad prepping or overly thick paint that looks gummy.  A few times the owner had mentioned that near the end of a remodel project, they had hired a friend or less experience painter to finish the painting to save on money because costs went up during the remodel.  I always hear that it was a decision that they had regretted.  A professional, seasoned painter should only enhance the work of a skilled carpenter and can many times even improve upon the woodwork by properly caulking, filling, priming and sanding the woodwork.
  • Whether we are at a job for one day or 3 weeks, we make sure that everything was prepped, stained, and painted as plan.  At the completion of the job, we will do a walk through to make sure we got it all.  However, if you ever see anything  that we missed during our walkthough, never hesitate to call us up and we will come over and fix it right away.  I always tell my customers that they may see things differently at other times of the day and in different lighting that only someone living at the home will notice.  We guarantee all of our work.
  • Our business has always been based on referrals, which is another motivation to always do our best.  We want you to use us for all your future painting projects and we want you to refer us to your friends and family.